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On The Futility of Resolutons

Even though it’s now the second of January, and I am therefore a little bit late to the party, I’d like to take a moment to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. I avoid making them, except ironically. I, personally, find that a public resolution to do a thing is an excellent way to prevent me from accomplishing that thing.

For example, were I to resolve to write a New Year’s Day post the very next day, an accident might befall my poor computer.


Now I have the choice of replacing the screen or continuing to use an external monitor. The poor computer is kind of old and its battery’s not in good health, either, so external monitor it is.

The good news is that I was at least able to accomplish a post-Christmas de-tarting of the house, and began hanging pictures on the weak wall. The bad news with that is that there still are a number of craters in the drywall from the old shelf that are too low to be camouflaged with pictures. Surely, something will occur to me.

Happy New Year

It’s now my most favorite of December holidays, New Year’s Eve. Sure, some will say that it’s merely an excuse for drinking. I’ll even agree to that, but what I like about this holiday is that it doesn’t come with the sense of obligations and expectations that Christmas often does.

Even better is the idea that is supposedly being celebrated. We are not here to pay tribute to family members. No, we are here to share a sense of optimism about the coming year. We are here to celebrate that one moment of potentiality, when we can dare to wish and hope that tomorrow really will be better than today.

Victorian Midnight Clock

Happy New Year

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post


A time for sharing the year’s bounty with those we love, those we ought to love, and those we must tolerate because they are loved by the ones in the previous two categories.

A time for expressing gratitude for the generosity of the universe by way of a feast.

A time for dealing a critical hit to one’s diet!

Although the feast is over, my favorite Thanksgiving course is right around the corner. A slice of leftover pie the next morning.

PIE. That is all.

Of course, my least favorite part of Thanksgiving is coming whether I like it or not. No, I’m not talking about the dishwashing duties. I’m talking about the pent-up Christmas mania that’s set to spew across the nation in just a few hours.

Fortunately, that particular brand of madness will only last for another thirty days or so, though I fully expect to see candy hearts popping up even before the New Years’ Ball has even finished dropping.

No… no… no. Warm fuzzies, self! Warm fuzzies. Just think happy thoughts. Think about the pie! Think… about… the pie

Bad Santa


The Rabbit of Easter

Easter has always seemed to be something of an odd holiday to me. Children are made to dye hard-boiled eggs. Then someone hides the eggs and the children must hunt for them. Meanwhile, a magical rabbit brings baskets full of shredded green cellophane and mass-produced candies for the children to feast on.

From the theme of eggs and rabbits, one might be led to deduce that the holiday is a celebration of springtime and fertility. But there’s also the whole end of Lent and the memorial of Jesus’ execution and empty tomb. It’s all very confusing.

But imagine how confusing it must be to someone who doesn’t speak the language or even practice the religion. There is a story from a book by David Sedaris that’s become what I think of when I think of Easter. Here, he reads it aloud.

So Long 2007…

…Hello 2008!

Although there are a number of things I’d like to accomplish this year, I’ve found that (for myself, anyway) making a New Year’s resolution is a very good way to make something not happen. So, this year, I resolve to make no New Year’s resolution. Take that, logic!

Here’s to a joyous and prosperous New Year for all. May the world become a happier place for all over the coming year.