Senor Smoke

This being California’s dryest year on record, it’s inevitable that a few fires break out. This week, at least ten wildfires rampaged across the countryside. Some suspect arson, others just blame the hundred degree weather and the Santa Ana winds.

Most of the fires were in the northern part of the county. A large one threatens the city of San Marcos, where evacuation orders are still in effect.


This is not San Marcos. On the same day the original fires broke out, a  smaller fire started about 30 miles to the southeast, off Interstate 8. The plume of smoke was ahead of me during my entire evening commute. That’s what’s above. Fortunately, that fire was contained rather quickly.

While the fires to the north will probably be contained soon, we will probably see others, sadly. It’s still a long way to winter and any chance of moisture.

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