On my most recent game night, I was fortunate enough to get to try Firefly: The Game. This is a board game based on the short-lived TV series, Firefly. In this game, players take on the role of starship captains, and must hire crew and find work, whether legal or illegal.

Jobs are dispensed by four contacts, and usually involve taking some sort of cargo from point A to point B, or just heading straight to point B and plain misbehaving.

The goal of the game can vary, but in this case, it was simply to be the first to collect 12,000 space bucks.

Firefly Board Game

This game manages to feel a lot like the TV series. For example, I was ahead in money and needed a high-paying job to win the game. So I had accepted a job to deliver some contraband to the Alliance capital. Unfortunately, on my way there, I was intercepted by the Alliance command cruiser (the green spiky thing), and had my contraband confiscated.

Fortunately, as one unit of contraband is indistinguishable from another, if I were to find a replacement unit of contraband, I could still complete the mission. So, in the meantime, I launched a bank robbery mission in a nearby sector and fortuitously gained possession of three units of contraband in the process. I launched my ship back toward the Alliance capital, to try the original mission.

In the TV series, the switcheroo would have been close to perfect and the day would have been close enough to saved as to make no difference. In my case, however, my ship was intercepted by the Alliance cruiser yet again, and the contraband was confiscated yet again.

I managed to find one more unit of contraband through sheer luck and blasted a trail to the capital at maximum speed, only to bungle a critical roll. The mission failed. My crew members were killed (one by the mission’s sponsor) and my captain ended up with a warrant for his arrest.

But although I suffered some bad luck, and totally failed to win, this is certainly a game I’d consider playing again.

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