TMI Thursday, Stinker Edition


1. Do you have a sensitive nose?
Is there such a thing as being smellerblind? I may well have once been so. For a time, I worked in the printing industry, infumed in a pervasive miasma of pungent inks and solvents. After a while, I stopped noticing the chemical reek. By then I often had to explicitly be told when the trash or refrigerator or fish tank at home needed attention. That eventually went away after a change in career.
2. Do you have allergies?
If so, I don’t know to what.
3. Do you have a big nose? =}
I… guess? We can’t all have the late Michael Jackson’s anime nose.
4. Are there any smells that trigger memories for you?
Orange peel. A particular herb that grows in the country, whose name I don’t know. A closet full of old books. The almondy hand soap you sometimes find. A particular type of refrigeration. Rain and solder. Jasmine flowers. Pool chlorine.
5. What are some of your favorite food aromas?
Diners used to smell of a combination of: coffee, beef gravy, and a puff of cigarette smoke. I find it oddly comforting when a restaurant’s restroom smells just of Pine-Sol. As for cooking, everyone seems to love the smell of sauted garlic and onions and grilled beef. I do, too. Oh, and pizza.
6. What are some of your favorite smells in nature?
The rain on the parched earth. Freshly cut grass.
7. Do you use air fresheners?
Sometimes, but they usually just smell hokey and fake for a few days, then they just sort of evaporate. Better just to have good ventilation.
8. Do you like scented candles?
Not often. They usually just smell like soap, or cheap candy.
9. Which food smells make you want to hurl?
One time, I was walking past this restaurant, and I seriously could not tell if I was smelling their food or their garbage. They have since closed.
10. What is the absolute worst smell for you?
Melted insulation, burned metal, charred phenolic: something bad has happened.
What smells or aromas turn you on?
I really had to think about this one, but I’m not sure there is one particular cologne or funk or other aroma that would really raise my eyebrows. But then again, maybe there is, maybe it’s something from long ago or maybe it’s something from just recently, but I won’t know for sure until I encounter it again, and those molecules in the air trigger a connection in my brain.
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