TMI Thursday, Sochi Edition

I spaced out on doing the 12-on-12 photo challenge yet again. To be honest, it would have been an extremely boring twelve photos, as I spent almost the entire day at my desk. I’d claim I didn’t even see the sun, but I now recall that I did, in fact, buy a bag of junk food at Seven-Eleven.

As a consolation prize, please enjoy this TMI Tuesday Thursday meme instead. Or don’t.


1. In general (we’ll get to the politics in a few) do you watch the Winter Olympics?
I can’t say that I’ve ever really watched the Winter Olympics, and this hasn’t really changed this year. I saw a few minutes of ice skating, and that was only because the restaurant where I ate had it on all the screens.
2. Winter or Summer?
I can’t say that I’m a big Summer Olympics fan, either. I know, this is the point where one is expected to make a lascivious comment about swimsuits and/or wrestling singlets, and I certainly would not argue with such comments in general, but scanty sportswear is not quite enough motivation to get me to tune in.
3. What are your favorite winter events? Do you follow any of them outside the game?
This may come as a shock, but I don’t follow sports in general.
4. Which sport needs to stay and which one needs to go?
I just tell you that I don’t follow sports and now you ask me to pass judgment on them? Even if I could name more than ice skating and snowboarding, I still would not. The fact that anyone would train so hard to try and be the best in the world at any sport should give it some legitimacy.
5. Which is the weirdest sport?
I heard there was an event that consisted of cross-country skiing and target shooting. The idea’s more amusing to me than it is weird.
6. What is your POV on boycotting The Olympics by countries and or athletes?
As with boycotting anything else, it’s a gesture, but like any gesture, it probably won’t solve anything on its own.
7. Are you boycotting NBC or any Olympic sponsors?
Yes, my total disinterest in the games has really been a carefully calculated political statement all along. Moo hoo ha, moo hoo ha.
8. Do you think boycotts are effective?
Almost never. An effective consumer boycott requires a critical mass of participants, and there are just too many consumers today. It all just sort of averages out. Now, a sponsor boycott or a vendor boycott can be quite effective.
9. If you were an athlete what would you do?
It would probably be something that was equally obscure, ridiculous, and manly. Caber toss, maybe, or that thing where you run on a barrel floating in the water, or maybe the Biathlon.
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