Read Me A Story, The Meme

I’d have titled this “TMI Thursday, Storytime Edition,” if this was still Thursday. In fact it’s Friday, and there’s not even much of that left.

1. Describe your favorite place to cozy-up with a good book.
Once upon a time, the answer was the lunch table. Things have changed and I don’t bring reading to work with me any more. I wish my answer could be a big comfy chair, but while I do have a recliner, it’s kind of in the dark, so that’s no good. I do most of my reading in bed.
2. What do you read when you’re on the toilet?
I do not understand the bringing of magazines and newspapers onto the toilet. Maybe it’s different for parents who have no other refuge from their horrible children, and maybe it’s different for those who suffer chronic constipation, but I just don’t see any need for lollygagging over the crapper.
3. Do you read when taking a bath?
They say that it’s delightful and relaxing, but I’ve only ever ruined books that way. “They say” is a great liar.
4. If you can, do you read when at the gym?
How would that even work? I guess if you sort of propped up a book on the treadmill console, maybe. I doubt that would be any good. The movement would make it easy to lose your place, and you’d easily knock the book down when turning the pages.
5. Do you still read newspapers and or magazines?
I have one magazine subscription, and that’s to Make magazine. Sometimes weird industry periodicals show up at my desk, and I feel just a little bit guilty throwing those away unread, so I sort of skim through those, you know, just to be polite.
6. What are your favorite genres to read?
Science Fiction, cyberpunk and space opera. Fantasy is nice, too, but it has to be the good stuff. Humorous memoirs. Science, technological history.
7. Do you read one book at a time or can you read several?
I prefer to just stick to one, when possible.
8. If you start a book, do you finish it no matter what?
There is a thing called the fifty-page test, that says you needn’t continue reading after page fifty if you can’t stand what you’ve read so far. I’ve only canceled a few readings at page fifty. It’s usually in the middle third that I usually start to question a book. But if I’m more than halfway through, I will usually plod on to the end, just to find out what happens. There could well be an astounding payoff that would make the trek worth it. (There just as easily could not be.)
9. Did your parents read to you when you were growing up?
Yes, they did, until I could read for myself.
10. Have you read to your kids/nephews/nieces?
I have a picture of myself with a niece holding a book, so I must have done.
11. How do you feel about reading books vs. using electronic devices? Have your feelings evolved from one or two years ago?
Electronic devices have the portability aspect nailed down. However, you can still have any number of paper books open at one time, they don’t automatically dim to save battery life, and they won’t just vanish if things happen with software.
When was the last time you looked at or read an adult magazine to satisfy yourself? When was the last time you even saw one?
It was long ago and far away, in a magical land called the Pre-9/11 World. This was back when the Web was all in Times New Roman and full of speckly GIFs, so of course printed media was king. As we all know, that reign didn’t last for much longer. I think the last time I saw such a publication was probably in a liquor store, just a glimpse of the discreet corner, and its rows of prurient, yet primly-wrapped, publications.
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