Things To Do

Although it’s now the third fourth of January and I am now quite extremely late to the party, I’d like to talk about New Year’s resolutions, or lack thereof. I’ve said before what I think of resolutions.

Some people have since suggested setting New Year’s goals rather than making resolutions. I think this is a step in the right direction, but the word “goal” just seems too loaded. I think of sports and salespeople, and high pressure to achieve.

On the other hand, a list of “Positive Visualizations for the New Year,” would go too far in the opposite direction. I don’t mean to sit around wishing for things all year, without also helping those things to happen.

Therefore, I have resolved to make a New Year’s To-Do list:

Finish the Wall
One of the walls in the living room once hosted a shelf which nearly collapsed. After the shelf was removed, I tried to find some other way to decorate the wall. It’s almost done, but it’s been “almost done” for quite a while, now. I need only print some pictures to put in the frames already on the wall, then hang a mirror and some other bits of d├ęcor. Then it will be “mostly done.”
Clear the Room of Doom
The floorplan lists the Room of Doom as a bedroom. I used to call it “the office.” It has since turned into something more akin to a giant closet, thanks to a collecting hobby or two. It’s time to get this stuff better organized. Heaven forbid I suggest getting rid of any of it, but maybe renting a storage unit would be a good idea.
Return to Diet
Most people put on weight during the holidays, what with the abundance of pies, egg nog, and liquor. The shorter days and the colder weather surely discourage exercise. Regardless, the fact that I have more pants that don’t fit than do is a sign that enough is enough. I had a diet that did work (if slowly but steadily) so it’s just a matter of getting back into the habit.

Notice that these all have clearly defined objectives. I suspect that the reason that many people flub their resolutions is that they make them too vague or lofty.

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