Rainy Saturday

Yesterday, the storm of the century struck.


Actually, far less than a quarter inch of rain fell, but it was enough to erode and wash away my plans to go to December Nights. This is the annual night-time non-specific-holiday-themed open house that Balboa Park hosts each year. The museums open free of charge and entertainers can be found around each corner. But if a bit of water leaks from the sky then it’s curtains.

Instead I watched The Hunger Games on Netflix, with the anticipation of maybe seeing the sequel in the theater. It was not bad, but I do wonder a bit about the setting. According to the narrator, the games are a punishment or armistice agreement enacted after a failed revolution, requiring each of twelve districts to send an annual tribute of two children to fight to the death in the games. I can only wonder how destructive the revolution could have been in order for this to have been an acceptable compromise, and what sort of power the capital has over the outlying districts to enforce such a law. We know that the districts have to be quite large, as Katniss rides a 200 MPH bullet train overnight to get to the capital. Certainly, this power has to be more than white-armored goons and hovercopters. Perhaps the sequel will go into this.

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