Oh, Blogger

As yesterday’s Holidailies prompt was “Introduce yourself,” I’ll do so by way of Spo’s Blogger Meme.

What you like most about being a blogger?
Having an audience? Actually, more than that, getting a comment once in a while. Which reminds me, I really ought to return the favor more often.
How many bloggers have you met?
I’ve met many people who have blogs. For example, I’ve met at least a few dozen professional writers, many of which undoubtedly maintain their own blogs.
But… I suspect that what the good doctor is really asking is how many people have I met in person that I previously only knew through blogging. And: none.
Do you ever go back and read your old entries?
Occasionally. I used to revisit old entries quite often to make sure I wasn’t about to repeat myself. The reality is that nobody’s going to go through my entire archive and memorize everything, not even me. I’m not about to go and recycle old posts, though. That still strikes me as cheating.
Do you share your job skills here?
I tried that, posting technological tips in the spirit of saving others the time it took me to figure them out. Didn’t seem like anyone was interested. Or maybe it was just that my Page Rank was so low that nobody who needed the info ever found it. Anyway, that’s the sort of thing that belongs on a professional portfolio site. The kind of site you want prospective employers to find.
Have you changed your views about anything thanks to blogging?
I don’t know about changing existing views, but it’s very interesting to see the spectrum of opinions that people have of current events and pop culture.
Do your coworkers know about your blog?
I highly doubt it, not that they’d find much of interest.
What advice would you give for successful blogging?
Dude. You are asking me? And what defines success, anyway? Longevity? Followers? Monetization? Publishing deals?
What is your opinion of aardvarks?
They are less creepy than anteaters.
Do you publish everything you write ?
Oh, my, no. Often, instead of clicking the Publish button, I somehow instead click on Oh God Why Bother.
If you could make ‘three rules’ for blogging, what would they be?
I. Thou shalt not use bright green or white textagainst a dark background. Honor the retinas of thy visitors.
II. Thou shalt not clutter thy site with slow loading widgets. Let widgets that causeth the page to reflow be cast out.
III. Thou shalt not pester Me to sign up for thy newsletter, or click thy affiliates, or share thy content. Thou may ask politely from time to time, but pester Me not.
Unless thou knowest exactly what thou art doing. Then goest thou for it.
Do people help you write your blog?
Yes, those generous propagators of memes and hosts of challenges.
Who are your blogger super-heroes?
Translation: Pimp out some links.
Well, there’s Erik and Stevie and, honestly, that whole blogroll to the right there.
And an obligatory hat tip to this meme’s progenitor, Spo.
Oh, and it’s a podcast, but I enjoy Game Night Guys.
Final question (if you dare!) :
Have you slept with any of your fellow bloggers?
Let me think about that… Hey! Wait a minute, was this meme nothing but a thinly disguised attempt at seduction? *tsk tsk*
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