Correlations and Cause

I’ve been using an Android app called SleepBot to track my sleep patterns for a while now. It shows me that sometime around the end of July, my sleep pattern changed. Whereas I’d previously been going to bed between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM, I was now up until almost 2:00 AM on some days. Whereas I’d previously arisen sometime around 6:00 and 7:00 AM, I was now rising after 7:00 and closer to 8:00 AM.

While this is an interesting fact on its own, it also correlates interestingly with a calendar I have. It’s got one cell per day of the year, and one is apparently meant to color in each cell to match the color of the sky, leaves, or ground. It was at approximately the same time, late July, that I simply stopped doing so.

I’m still not entirely sure what happened in July, but I have a pretty good guess. That was about when I was roped into a Big Project. A project like the mythological hydra: cut off one head and two more take its place. Only it has problems instead of heads. And it seems to be recursively calling the Ninety-Ninety rule. That is, the first ninety percent of code accounts for ninety percent of the development time, and the last ten percent of the code accounts for the other ninety percent of the development time.

But, experience has taught me that Big Projects are pretty much all like that. And furthermore, chances are nearly 100% that at some point the fruits of one’s labor will, no matter how enthusiastic the initial reception, be declared obsolete and in dire need of replacement. And so another Big Project will be launched to do just that.

At least this one has, hopefully, gotten to the point where I can wash my hands of the worst of it. Hopefully.

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One thought on “Correlations and Cause”

  1. As long as you are getting paid to perform these projects…… LOL though, things do become obsolete so quickly.

    Your app sounds interesting – I may have to check it out. This is a bit too much information but I have had a poop app on my android which was a most interesting experiment to see how my body is functioning. I don’t do that any more so maybe time to consider a sleep one.
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