Wild Mass Guessing

In about a month, we’ll see this…

Meanwhile, Steven Moffat recently made this mysterious comment regarding the Doctor’s regeneration count:

“I think you should go back to your DVDs and count correctly this time,” said Moffat, “there’s something you’ve all missed.”

Now fans have gone into a nitpicking frenzy over the regeneration of the Second into the Third, and whether the creation of Doctor-Donna counts as a regeneration.

I suspect the statement means only that the John Hurt Doctor is, in fact, the Time War Doctor, a regeneration existing after the Eighth and before the Ninth. While completely plausible, the idea is disappointingly obvious. What we’ll probably see in that case is some extreme event during the Time War, perhaps something that seals the fate of both the Daleks and Time Lords. Again. And probably something that creates some more dangling plot threads that will never be adequately resolved. Again.

Of course, if we actually listen to the hints in the trailer, as well as those in the end of the season’s last episode, it seems more likely that the John Hurt doctor will be some sort of Zeroth Doctor. This wouldn’t even require a renumbering of the Doctor Roll Call if we discover that he discarded his original name when regenerating into the First Doctor. Which would be a nice and tidy return to normalcy at the end of the episode. Or, he could, you know, push the Big Red Reset Button of the Universe again.

I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks….

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