Happy Blogaversary. It was on this day in 2006 that I made the fateful step of launching this here blog. Why? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you read those early posts (and why would you?) you’d find that I fancied myself something of a mad scientist. And although the science stuff was soon proven to be rather shaky, one must admit that I’d quite easily nailed the “mad” bit.

How the world has changed since then! If you don’t recall, George Bush was still in office, the Global Financial Crisis hadn’t yet materialized, and Christopher Eccleston was The Doctor. At the time, I had just finished Computer Genius School and was looking for the legendary and oh-so-elusive Real Job. (That wouldn’t materialize for several more months.)

Blogging was a quirky hobby that was soon to approach its zenith of popularity. This was before Twitter caught on and when Facebook was just for college students. Heck, MySpace was still popular and thought by some to be a viable alternate route to a “real” Web Presence.

Back then, The Cloud was still a dream, and people still hosted websites in their offices, if not in their very living rooms. This was not even considered unusual, but was simply the way things were done. Back then, nobody cared about mobile accessibility. Most people still had flip phones that could barely display a full sentence on screen, let alone a properly-formatted page of HTML. Some people didn’t even have that. Some people not only had only a landline, but bragged about it.

I still read a lot back then. It seemed as though every day, I’d sit down for lunch with a good book (or at least, a book that I hoped would be good) and then again just before bed. Now? Not so much. It seems my phone is a lot more convenient to carry around, and Twitter makes just as fine of a distraction while I chew.

But while I may check on Twitter, I don’t particularly use Twitter. Yes, I may retweet the occasional thing that strikes me as witty, but original tweets? Very few. I’ve even neglected Instagram lately, and that’s pretty much a no-brainer: take a picture of something and press the share icon. I don’t think it’s social media fatigue, exactly, but rather a case of not finding anything interesting or original to say.

But… Inspiration seems to come in waves, so maybe that will change soon.

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