Notes from the Feedpocalypse

So, the feedpocalypse came and went. Google stuck a knife into Reader’s back in an effort to force users to consume content through Google News and Google Plus.

I switched to Google Reader when I got my Galaxy Note 10.5 tablet last year. I wanted a way to synchronize feeds among my PC, tablet, and phone. Reader worked great for that. However, I’ve come to realize that tablets and smartphones are essentially one-way media. Like television, but with the Internet.

On my tablet, it is a pain to compose any kind of text. Even in portrait mode, the onscreen keyboard is too big to be thumb typist friendly, and there are no cursor keys. I tried to solve the keyboard issue with a bluetooth keyboard, which helps when there’s a flat surface upon which to rest both the tablet and the keyboard. This kind of defeats the purpose of the tablet. But even with the keyboard, there are other issues. For example, there is no reliable copy-paste function. And if I were to find a workaround for that, there would surely be another usability issue. Such as no undo.

But back to the point. I’ve deleted the Google Reader app from my tablet and am using Tiny Tiny RSS in its place. This runs as a service on a tiny little media PC, fetching feeds every few hours and displaying what it finds on a Web page on my PC, tablet, and phone. But even that’s not quite perfect.

I have the suspicion that TTRSS doesn’t always show me every new item. But that issue kind of pales in comparison to the fact that the tablet’s browser doesn’t seem to get along with TTRSS. I like to open articles in new tabs to read them as they were meant to be seen. But sometimes, I can tap a zillion times on an article’s title and accomplish nothing but changing the zoom level on the page. I’m pretty sure this is the tablet’s fault as it occasionally happens on other pages as well. Particularly when YouTube videos are embedded.

Maybe I’ll take a look at a Windows tablet. I’ve heard some good things.

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One thought on “Notes from the Feedpocalypse”

  1. I’ve been using TTRSS as well, but I’ve not noticed the issue you’re seeing. Then again, I typically either read via my Windows desktop, or the old iPad, or my iPhone.

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