May 7

Tonight, I played a board game called “The Resistance.” In this game, players are all members of a resistance organization which must complete at least three of five missions attempted. The catch is that some of the players are secretly spies, whose mission is to undermine the success of the organization. If the spies foil three missions, they win. Otherwise, the resistance players win.

Spies are determined randomly at the start of each game by a draw of cards, and no player is allowed to reveal his card until the end of the game. Instead, players must deduce the identity of the spies based on the outcome of previous missions. Each turn, one player will select a set of other players to go on a mission. At this point, the other players will try to convince him who is and who is not a spy. Regardless of who is selected, the entire group will vote on whether the mission team is approved or rejected. (The spies can also win by causing five consecutive rejections.) Each member of the team then secretly votes whether to sabotage the mission.


Not suprisingly, the game is popular, but, also not surprisingly, I am rubbish at it.

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