May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo, or as some folks aptly call it, “Cinco de Drinko.”

I don’t think that I’ll be going out for the numerous happy hour specials this evening. There are a number of reasons.

The first of these is that tequila and I is a bad combination. El barfo. Now, of course there are other drinks that I could enjoy. Cervezas muchos. I’ve been told that San Diego is the microbrewery capital of the US.

Another good reason is that I’m feeling a bit under the weather, having picked up a scratchy throat at some point yesterday.

And the third reason is now the weather. A bit of rain has come to town.


Just yesterday, I was thinking that it was time to sleep with the window open, and now this. If not for retail displays, I don’t think I’d know what time of year it was.

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