May 27-30

So… It seems I have fallen a few days behind in the Pic-a-Day challenge. Would you believe that I was waiting for bionic hands to come in the mail? No, of course you wouldn’t. Who would put bionic hands in the mail? That’s got to go FedEx.

On another note, don’t you just hate when you aim for “Save Draft” button, but then hit “Publish” instead? Yeah, me too!

Anyway, here’s the true pic of the day. A massive sculpture sitting in Sorrento Valley, a neighborhood famed for its twice-daily freeway congestion.


To me, it looks like a rocket, which makes sense. General Dynamics used to have a plant a few miles from this location. Atlas rockets were test-fired only a few more miles down the road. One of these rockets can still be glimpsed from Highway 52.

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