May 26

I did a little bit of Spring Cleaning today. It was time to weed out the bookshelf, and ended up donating a few bags of books to charity. Naturally, I had to flip through each to make sure there were no old shopping lists, embarrassing love notes, or credit card receipts hidden among the pages. There were none, although I did find this.


An old school floppy disk was tucked away in a programming textbook. I would assume that it contained class assignments, but I really don’t know as I don’t think I even have a 5¼” floppy drive anymore.

I also got a haircut and had my car cleaned.

FInally, I saw the new Star Trek.  My spoiler-free thoughts mainly have to do with a technical issue and an artistic choice, which, together, greatly affected my enjoyment level. First, the technical issue was with the IMAX 3D. For whatever reason, my goggles didn’t quite work. There was a slight double image that wouldn’t go away no matter which direction I tilted my head. When combined with the artistic choice of the jumpy editing and spastic cinematography popular in modern film, the result was that some scenes were pretty much just visual noise. I think that in the future, I might just save some money and see movies in 2D.

Aside from those issues, Star Trek was pretty good. But more of a “thumbs up” good than an “omfg, let’s go again right now,” good.

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