May 24-25

Today’s photo is a lego minifig that I found. It looks like someone tried to create the Spy from Team Fortress.


I’ve never actually played Team Fortress, but I do recognize the characters. Well, some of them. This guy and the guy with the hat.

I really am not a big video gamer. I couldn’t tell you when the last time I turned on my 360 was. It was proably around the time that the shine wore off the Rock Band franchise, and that was a while ago. I also have a PS3, and I have probably used that more to watch movies than anything else. Which, by the way, is pretty much all I did last night. And I still didn’t use the PS3.

Total Recall has been sitting on the TiVo for a while now.


It was not bad, certainly not as bad as the buzz had led me to believe. I think I’d describe it as forgettable.

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