May 23

Decisions, decisions. They say better late than never. They say a bad post is better than no post. They say it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. They say a rolling stone gathers no moss. They say the meek will inherit the Earth.

They also say that “they say” is a great liar.

So, screw what they say. I say that this is the pic of the day for today.  Never mind that I actually took it on Tuesday.


This is the game of Samurai, in which resources are captured from cities in a hexagonal bidding war. Tiles are placed around cities to place bids, and when a city is completely surrounded, the city’s resources are awarded to the player with the highest bid against that resource type. The scoring is a bit complicated, having to do with non-tied majorities in any resource, but the game is fun enough. I’d certainly play it again.

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