May 22

After an attack like yesterday’s, if I rest for a few hours, I usually feel fine (if not better than average.) I’ve never been able to pinpoint the migranes’ exact cause. At first I wondered whether I had a food allergy, but I never found any correlations. I wondered whether I could accidentally put myself into caffiene withdrawals. And so I became more mindful of caffiene, and realized that probably wasn’t the cause, either. The only remaining pattern seems to be that if I stay up too late for too many nights in a row, sometimes a migrane follows. To try and prove it, I’ve started using an app called SleepBot to record my sleeping habits. Time will tell.

And now for the Pic of the Day.


This Lava Lamp sits in an odd corner of the house, on a bit of the kitchen bar that can’t really be used for anything useful. So the lamp sits there, churning away, lighting the way for those who’d otherwise be stumbling around in the dark.

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