May 18

Because it is still, technically, Spring, this means that the birds and the bees are busy doing their thing. So are the trees. Most of us know (or are) someone who is bedeviled by the clouds of pollen expelled by our friendly neighborhood plants. Sometimes, the pollen is even visible as a faint yellowish dusting on one’s just-washed automobile. And sometimes, the trees get serious.


I don’t know exactly what these trees are, but I see them here and there. They produce tons of fluff, and then they fling it into the air. Which then blows the stuff everywhere. I made the mistake of parking near one of these trees on a slightly damp morning. It was coated in fluffy mush when I returned. Worse, when it dried, it looked just like bird poo,  so I heard comments about that all the way to the car wash.

This next photo doesn’t show the flying fluff as well as the one that I Instagrammed, but it’s much more dramatic.


Trying to shoehorn it into a little square just didn’t work.

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