Sleep Meme

I find myself in an uncomfortably familiar situation. One in which I expend nearly all my mental capital during the day, returning home as in much the same state as I leave it. A semi-coherent zombie. I think a proper night’s rest daily could go a long way toward remedying that situation. But rather than sleeping, I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided to do Stevie B’s Sleep Meme instead.


1. What do you wear to bed?
I believe that there are benefits to the natural state. One’s skin should be allowed to breathe, and one’s toes or other extremities should not be continuously bundled up and mashed against one another.
2. Who or what sleeps with you at night?
Fidgets, farts, and other strange noises.
3. Do you like a cold room or a hot room?
I find it easier to deal with a cold room than a hot one. Summer heat is bad enough, but at least then one can just open the window and discard everything but a sheet. There is something especially suffocating about artificially hot rooms.
4. Many blankets, or just one?
Several blankets both give a comforting weight and allow the bedding to be adapted to the weather.
5. Do you hog the blankets?
Yes, I do.
6. What size is your bed and what kind of mattress is it?
It is a memory foam mattress. I bet it wishes it was an amnesia foam mattress.
7. Do you eat in bed?
No, I am a firm believer in confining food to the kitchen.
8. What kind of sleeper are you?
A fidgety sleeper who makes strange noises, apparently.
9. What is under your bed?
A closed timelike curve of non-Euclidean geometry.
BONUS: What won’t you do in bed?
Spend enough time there.
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