So Yeah

Has anything thrilling happened since Hourly Comic Day? Not really. In fact, nothing thrilling happened on that day, either, which explains why I went with “infinite recursion” as a token submission. (Ignore the still-uncaptioned drawing of the coffee mug and tablet PC on Flickr. Please.)

Meanwhile, I’ve attached my junk box to the weak wall (the one that the fake mantel fell out of) and it just about covers the holes left by the fake mantel’s drywall anchors. Now to find another two items of about the same size to go either side of it and the wall is finally done. Oh, and I have to select some photos for all the frames.

I’ve also started helping a friend who had the big idea to start programming a computer game. He has the idea periodically, but I agreed to help as an avenue to improve my C# skills. So far, I’ve contributed some code to generate mazes, or funky mod art, depending on your perspective.

Finally, I found something unexpected at a flea market: a TRS-80 Color Computer. I used to have one of these, back in the day, so I couldn’t resist. It needed some minor maintenance as well as cleaning. The keyboard in particular, as it seemed to have some sticky keys. I brazenly disassembled it and found…

Rubber Key Cups

Each key had its own, individual rubber plunger, which was not fastened down.

Key Contacts

And each plunger pressed its own, individual set of contacts against a pad on the backplane. None of these were fastened down, either. I managed to lose one of them, temporarily, on the floor.

Fortunately, I managed to put the freshly-cleaned keyboard back together, with all fifty-odd keys, plungers, and contacts in their proper locations and orientations…


Behold this stunning product of the Late 1970′s. The matte silver and pebbled back plastic case. The “infamous” chiclet-style keyboard, with its drab gray calculator keys and deadly serious typeface. The eight-bit CPU running at just under one megahertz, with access to a whopping sixteen kilobytes of RAM.

Power Up

And it still works after thirty years, which I suspect will probably not be true of more recently-made computers.

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