Twelve on Twelve-Twelve: Twelve Days

“Twelve on the Twelfth” is a photography challenge that invites us to take twelve photos on the twelfth of each month. I thought I’d try something a little different this month and go on a photo scavenger hunt, for the items in the song “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

1. A partridge in a pear tree

A partridge, and a tree which is probably not pear
The zoo seemed like a logical place to look for birds. And behold, they did, in fact, have a very shy partridge. As for the pears, let’s just say those are hiding, too.

2. Turtledoves

Emerald Dove, not a turtle dove
I couldn’t find any turtle doves, but I found some emerald doves, which, I am assured, are just as nice as turtle doves.

3. French Hens

Le Cluck
The zoo had partridges, turtles, and doves, but there were no chickens to be found, neither foreign nor domestic. I found this one at the side of the road. I’m pretty sure it’s French, as it’s wearing a bowtie and a chef’s hat.

4. Collie birds

They are birds, and they are black. What do you want from me?
I have always sung this line of the song as “Four calling birds,” but Wikipedia assures me that the canonical line is “Four collie birds.” Collie bird is apparently an old term for a blackbird. These are actually starlings, but as you can see, they are birds, and they are black.

5. Golden rings

Five golden brown and delicious rings.
Golden brown, and delicious. Next!

6. Geese a-Layin’

A goose, swimming.
This is a goose. As you can see, it’s not laying right now. Eventually, it’ll tucker out and lay down for a nap. Oh, wait, you want one that lays eggs? Well, it will probably do that sooner or later, too. Unless it’s a boy.

7. Swans a-Swimmin’

Swan, giraffe, what's the difference?
I couldn’t find a single, solitary swan. So here’s a giraffe. They’re sort of similar.

8. Maids a-Milkin’

Come on, it's an upgrade.
Milk maids were even harder to find than swans. So here’s a Dairy Queen. Think of it as a promotion. Maid to queen, milk to dairy. Or don’t. Whatever.

9. Ladies Dancing

Treat her like a lady, and she'll act like one.
Tonight, the part of the dancer will be played by Loretta, the Lego Lariateer.

10. Lords a-Leapin’

Time Lord a-Leapin'
It’s supposed to be the Tenth Doctor about to swing from a strand of Christmas lights. It’s funny because he’s a Time Lord and he’s also leaping, and oh, never mind…

11. Drummers Drumming

LEGO Marching Band
Drummers? Check. Fancy uniforms? Check! Flag-waver? Bonus!

12. Pipers Piping

Twelve pipers piping
Do you want to know what’s unfair? There are just as many pipers in the song as there are partridges, but the pipers only get one mention, whereas the partridges get mentioned twelve times. Those pipers need to get a better agent.

So there you have it. Most of the items from “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” If I were the recipient, I’d keep my receipt!

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