Now with Productivity

I feel as though I’ve been doing nothing but wasting time lately. There are things that I’ve been wanting to do, but have always told myself there was not enough time. There are things that I ought to do, but have been telling myself I’d do “later.”

clock animated gif

I decided to adopt an anti-procrastination technique I recently heard about. You simply keep an hourly log of your activities and a numeric rating of satisfaction gained from these activities. After a while, you will see patterns emerge that may assist you in structuring your days more efficiently. You may also be less tempted to spend time on empty activities.

Friday, I was off to a great start, getting a haircut, putting up a coatrack, and organizing the office room. Saturday, I got a couple of little boxes to keep the counter tidy: one for mail, and one for loose items. I further organized the office and even baked a batch of cookies.

Today, not so much, though I did learn that I’d have been most satisfied had I quit with just two hours of TV viewing, and limited my shopping trips to one hour.

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