IF: Snow

It is once again Friday, so it is once again time for Illustration Friday. This week’s theme was: SNOW.

We don’t get much snow here in San Diego, and what when we do, it is as a whitening of distant mountaintops. Snow isn’t much a part of the Christmas tradition here. Partly because it looks out of place, and partly because it tends to make things look as though they’ve been sprinkled with sugar or shredded coconut, I find fake snow tacky.

However, there is another sort of snow. Back when most of us used aerial antennas with our TV sets, it was quite a common sight when changing channels. Rather than dead air on an unused channel, the TV would pick up white noise, most of which was the background radiation of the universe.

I wanted to create an animated image of television snow, but that alone wouldn’t be very interesting. I eventually came up with the idea of putting it into a snowglobe. It eventually ended up looking more like a crystal ball…

snow globe, crystal ball, static, white noise

This must be what happens when fortunetellers don’t pay their bills.

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