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You may recall that I mentioned a recent birthday, which was, in fact, my own. Though I can’t seem to recall having a cake, I did receive several gifts, including a hat, Disneyland tickets, and two games. Last night, I finally had the pleasure of playing both of them.

The first was Gloom.


Gloom is the story of several unlucky families, which compete to experience the worst day ever. A player will attempt to beset his own family with unfortunate events, while attempting to cheer up members of opposing families. This is done by piling transparent cards atop one another. The object is to get each family member’s value as low as possible before playing a death card, which locks in that value. The game ends once all members of any family are dead. The player with the lowest valued family at that point is the winner.

I quite enjoyed Gloom, though I quite enjoy storytelling games in general, but any game that can have alcoholic dogs, homnivorous weasels, and boil-beset lords faking their own deaths is okay in my book.

The next game was Grave Robbers From Outer Space, or GROS for short.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space

I’ve been curious about GROS ever since hearing about it in an episode of Game Night Guys. And now I have my own copy.

Another storytelling game, GROS is the story of movie studios competing to release the best horror movie. Players will play locations, actors, and props to gain points for themselves, while also using events and monsters to attempt to deprive other players of points. This continues until one of the players obtains and plays the “Roll Credits” card, or the deck is exhausted. At this point, players tally up their scores, and the player with the highest-scoring movie is the winner.

I liked this game a lot, too, especially for the ridiculous situations created by card play. For example: the Prom Queen, in the basement of the Funhouse, which is really the Alien HQ, defends the Earth from relentless Killer Toys from Space by using her Explosives. Great fun!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Gloom sounds like it might be a fun game. Now, if only I could find others around here who would want to play a card game….

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