Questionable Answers

A while back, I invited questions in need of questionable answers. The questions were duly submitted. Now it is time for answers.

What is the one thing that scares you most? — Erik Rubright
After careful consideration, I have concluded that the thing that scares me most is… other people.

Perhaps I am nothing but just another emotionally-damaged and mistrustful geek, but I feel as though any random passer-by, at any moment, and without warning, could: express cruel and hurtful opinions; blow up and become violent; become manipulative out of ulterior motives; and worst of all, somehow entangle me in an adamantine net of problems, obligations and expectations. Better just to avoid everyone in general whenever possible, rather than risk such negative outcomes.

I’m sure this sentiment seems hopelessly weird to those with extroverted personalities. But, I never said it was rational. A majority of the 6.79 billion other people running around on Earth are, most likely, genuinely decent folks (or they at least act like it to prevent society from collapsing,) but I’m afraid that it only took a few dozen of the others to give humanity a bad reputation in my book.

The good news is that I used to handle this fear a lot worse. The bad news is that there are still days when I question the wisdom of leaving the house.

Well, that was quite a downer of an answer, wasn’t it? The mere reading of which could cause heartburn or diarrhea. Let’s just move on to a happier subject, then.

I know you read quite a bit. What is your favorite genre? And, what is your favorite book? — Greg

As one might guess, my favorite reading genre is Science Fiction. I like how the genre explores new ideas, speculates on possible futures, or provides social commentary. And if it doesn’t manage to accomplish any of those goals, it can still just provide an escapist romp.


As for a favorite book, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is an all-time classic. Even before I realized that it was a lampoon of a particular time, I enjoyed Mr. Adams’ particular brand of humor. The idea that, although the Earth was an absurd place, the Galaxy was far more absurd, and the Universe more absurd than that. All without quite (in my opinion) stepping over the line into disbelief-shattering silliness.

So this concludes the answer phase of the question box. Thanks for participating, and, assuming you all haven’t been overcome with various forms of gastrointestinal distress, let’s try it again sometime.

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