Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Hooray, it’s Thanksgiving! A holiday celebrating the simple sentiment of counting one’s blessings. Also, gluttony. And tomorrow, covetousness! Aren’t we a grand culture?

Social commentary aside, I’m in the midst of an epic round of cookery, so I’ve decided to crib a questionnaire from Cubby at Patently Queer. Let’s begin, shall we?



Do you travel or stay local? Family or Friends? Host or Guest?
I travel, but locally. I visit family of friends. I hosted last year, but I’m guesting this year. I choose All Of The Above. I give terrible answers, don’t I?
Parade: Love it? Leave it? Never let it go?
Leave it! I know it’s a tradition and all, but I really can’t get into it. Maybe if it were convenient to watch it in person, I’d feel differently.
Favorite Food?
My favorite foods of Thanksgiving are certainly the starches: the mashed potatoes with gravy, the candied yams, the savory stuffing, dinner rolls, cookies, etc. etc. etc.
Favorite holiday movie or do you watch football?
I don’t watch the football. I hear it, though. Oh, do I ever hear it.
If you do holiday decorations, for which holiday and when?
I used to get excited over Halloween, but I’ve since decided not to go out of my way to please trick-or-treaters. If there were going to be some sort of spooky soirée, I’d feel differently. I’d consider putting out a cornucopia or something for Thanksgiving dinner, if I were to host a large number of guests. For Christmas, I’ve got Robo-Tree. Unfortunately, I’ve just been informed that Robo-Tree’s novelty has worn off and that he’ll be replaced with extreme prejudice. I wouldn’t consider putting up any Christmas décor prior to the 12th, as the first of the twelve days of Christmas.
Bonus Question
People traditionally give thanks on Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for many things, but most importantly that special guy who shares my adventures, my home, my days and my nights. Life just wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks for being there.

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