How I Have Traveled, Part Four

As we had been up extremely late the night before, we here at La Casa de los Replicantes arose quite late on Halloween. With a voracious appetite, we stumbled into the elevator and down to the sanitized version of New York City presented on the casino floor. A Mexican restaurant that had been closed the previous night now stood open before us, and we decided that would do just fine. Over enchiladas and burritos, we pondered what to do this day.

Eventually, it was agreed that we’d go see the iconic waterworks at the Bellagio, then go to the Venetian to see the Da Vinci exhibit. And although we wandered probably three times as far as we had to in the course of following vague “Monorail this way” signs, we eventually arrived at the Bellagio. But then we decided to watch the show from the Eiffel Tower at Paris.


After we left Paris, we took the monorail to the Venetian to see the Da Vinci exhibit. Working models of many inventions from Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketchbooks were on display, along with an in-depth analysis of the Mona Lisa. A photographer had taken high-resolution full-spectrum photos of the painting, and, based on spectrographic analysis of the pigments, created an image of how the Mona Lisa may have appeared when freshly painted. Her colors would have appeared more natural then, compared with her relatively tarnished appearance today.

As fun as it is to wander from resort to resort just marveling at theming and architecture, it’s really quite tiring. By the time we returned to New York New York, we once again vowed that our next time in Vegas, we would either stay close to our home resort, or to just drive from there to where our entertainment would be.

Although this was Halloween, we didn’t see too many costumed folks. I assume this was because most people had celebrated on Saturday. Indeed, Tahoe had quite reminded me of the San Diego Comic-Con that night.

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and went out for brunch. After that, it was time to go shopping. A favorite hobby of some of us here at the Casa is to scour thrift shops for rare board games, and also Lego. Me, I’m just along for the ride. Thrift shops is Las Vegas are much like they are here in San Diego. But there are some differences. One place we visited was also an art gallery. Another place actually had used mannequins for sale.

Somehow, I don't think this is the real "Bodies Exhibition"
Somehow, I don’t think this is the real “Bodies Exhibition.”

At the end of the day, my faithful companion ended up with a huge bag of Lego and two board games, and I with three books and a coffee cup.

My new excuse.
My new excuse.

We decided to grab some lunch before setting off for Anaheim. I’d heard there was a neon museum near the original strip on Fremont Street. We were only a mile or two from there, so I thought maybe we could check it out. It turns out that the actual museum is just a sort of storage lot for old signs, but some historic signs had been installed along the street. As it was still day, they were less than impressive, but as we sat and enjoyed our pizza, some of them began to light.


Somehow, we managed to dawdle long enough for almost all of them to light.

Neon Museum 3

The iconic thumb-waving cowboy and the canopy over the street still hadn’t lit, but we realized that we were already running late and couldn’t wait any longer. Of course, the canopy lit just as we drove off down the street. Ah, well, there’s always next time.

Now, driving Highway 15 from Las Vegas to San Diego is boring enough during the day. You will see rocks, shrubbery, and mountains, and that’s about it for three to four hours. Night brings about a whole other level of monotony, as you will see nothing but darkness outside.

We arrived at Anaheim just before midnight. Today, Vegas, tomorrow, Disneyland.

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