How I Have Traveled, Part 5

It was now Friday morning, and we travelers awoke full of glee. Today, we’d visit the alleged happiest place on earth, and also California Adventure.

Look, the Space Shuttle!
Disneyland, obviously.

The park was in the midst of getting all Christmassed up. Therefore, the Haunted Mansion was still in Nightmare Before Christmas mode. I have to say that I prefer the classic mode, although I do find the singing flowers to be hilarious, and cannot resist singing along with them.

Likewise, Space Mountain was still in Ghost Galaxy mode. I visited the first year they rolled that theme out, and the novelty led to a three-hour wait, which led to my skipping the ride. This time around, I have to say that the addition of the ghost doesn’t add much to the ride, except perhaps a bit of variety for habitual park-goers.

Big Thunder

Thunder Mountain’s good, too.

After we hit every ride that we cared to, we migrated over to California Adventure. This would be the first time that I’d seen it since its big remodel. Its original theme of sort of a California World’s Fair was now replaced by Golden Age Hollywood. I must say that I really enjoyed the Art Deco touches that could be found all around. Like Main Street next door, it was an idealized reconstruction of something that no longer existed.

Hollywood Tower

Of course, we went right onto the Tower of Terror, but after that we made a beeline through bug country to check out the new Cars Land. I have to say that I wasn’t terribly impressed at first, but the Radiator Springs Racers was an entertaining experience. Part dark ride, part drag race, with life-sized animatronic Cars characters throughout.

Flo's Cafe

And when the sun went down, the experience was completely different. We then got caught up in a parade and backtracked to Old Hollywood, where we ducked into the animation museum. There was an exhibit on Frankenweenie, which included some of the puppets used in filming.


I loved it. I’m always interested in how things work.


At the end of the day, we cruised down to the Pacific Wharf area for some food. I recall that when California Adventure was set to open, the announcement that beer and wine would be served was met with horror by some.


In my opinion, it was a fantastic idea, and a wonderful way to end a wonderful day.

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