Fortune and Glory

I recently had the pleasure of playing a favorite board game, Fortune and Glory.


Fortune and Glory attempts to capture the adventurous spirit of movies such as Indiana Jones, The Mummy, or even National Treasure.

In this game, players take on the role of treasure-hunters in the late 1930′s. The goal is to venture into the world, collect 15 Fortune tokens, and then return home. The first player to do so is the winner.

Fortune is collected primarily upon the sale of artifacts, which appear in random locations around the world. To collect an Artifact, a player must successfully face a given number of perils. Perils can be overcome by successful dice rolls. Successfully overcoming a peril awards an adventurer with Glory tokens (used as money) and the opportunity to press on in the adventure. Failure to overcome a peril results in a situation called a cliffhanger, which affords a player one last chance to salvage the adventure. An adventurer failing a cliffhanger returns home in shame, losing some portion of his Fortune, Glory, and adventuring gear.

That’s the basic game. Optional advanced rules can add a Nazi War Zeppelin, Mobster Strongholds, Villains that compete with the adventurers, and lost temples to be explored.

I enjoy this game, mainly for the improbable adventures that players find themselves undertaking: navigating alpine trails, then climbing further up the mountain, then scuba-diving; navigating an ancient maze, only to find another maze just beyond; finally obtaining the Crown of Poseidon only to lose it again in a cargo plane mishap.

However, the game is certainly an evening’s entertainment. It’s not a marathon game, like Monopoly, but one should plan for well more than an hour’s time. Setup also takes some time, as around ten decks of cards must be shuffled. Also, the box contains a great many pieces (though still less than some other games that I’ve seen.)

Despite the drawbacks, I certainly look forward to playing Fortune and Glory again soon.

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