Fake Geeks

As some of you may know, there has been a so-called controversy of late regarding “fake geek girls” appearing at fan conventions. I must admit, I’m not sure exactly what is meant by “fake geek girl” anymore. I rather think it’s becoming the new “hipster.” Regardless, I’ve decided to share my opinions on all of its possible meanings.

First of all, I find the idea that some women are memorizing trivia and dressing up as (for example) Slave Leia to attend conventions to pick up on (likely) single men to be rather ridiculous. I’m not saying it has never happened or will never happen, but I am saying that a woman with that level of forethought and dedication could probably do better with less effort. Let’s move this myth to the busted pile right now.

Now, there are definitely going to be a lot of non-costumed women walking around the convention that really aren’t part of any fandom. Maybe they were talked into coming by friends, and agreed out of a spirit of adventurousness. Maybe they’re there for work. I have met several young ladies who were each sent to cover the San Diego Comic-Con in order to get an “outsider’s eye” on the festivities. I don’t think it’s right to criticize supportive friends or people who are trying to do their jobs for being “fake geeks.”

That brings me to my main point, which has to do with women who are hired by exhibitors to model skimpy costumes and deliver sales pitches. Now, I can’t really blame the exhibitors for doing this. Their job is to get their products noticed, and what better way to draw attention to their exhibits than with sexy ladies in costume?

Unfortunately, as a raving homosexual, I find this tactic rather transparent and vaguely offensive. It is as though the exhibitor has no better marketing ideas than to wave boobs in my direction, meaning that they are either not very creative or are targeting heterosexual males only. Or both. So the message I receive is not, “Come check out our wares,” but rather, “We’ve nothing to interest you, so move along.” I can only imagine how the female attendees feel about this.

This is not to say that if an exhibitor were to have a booth surrounded by ripped beefcake that I wouldn’t slow down and look. Certainly I would.


Would I get upset with the exhibitor for the presence of “fake geek dudes?” Certainly I would not.

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