At Least You Have Your Health

This has got to be the quote of the day.

The employer-supplied insurance model that predominates in this country perpetuates a de-facto feudal system, within which many Americans (like my father) stay in meaningless jobs they despise, simply because they have no other way to ensure even minimal medical care for their families.

And what about the rest of us— those 50 million Americans who don’t have insurance at all? We don’t go to the doctor when we feel a bit under the weather; we go when we hurt so bad we can’t work, can function, and we sit in the waiting rooms of cheap clinics, read outdated magazines and pray we don’t hear those awful invocations: malignant, inoperable, if we’d caught it in time. We bail out banks when they’re utterly mismanaged by psychopaths in Savile Row suits, but we’re unwilling to bail out people who work hard their whole lives and still can’t afford to pay their doctor’s bills?

Joshua Ellis, “Getting My Uninsured Teeth Pulled In Mexico’s Most Notorious Border Town”

I, too, am someone who has no health coverage. When my former-employer-supplied insurance expired, I assumed that covering myself would be as simple as contacting my soon-to-be previous health provider and ordering up personal health coverage.

Ha, ha. Wrong!

It seems that the act of getting treatment while I was previously covered by this health provider means that I now have a pre-existing condition and will not be eligible for coverage from this provider.


Alternatives? Well, I would imagine that most people in this position— who’ve lost their jobs and thus their insurance— would simply attempt to enroll themselves under their spouses’ plans.

Bzzt. Wrong again.

I’m not actually a “spouse” thanks to the 7,001,084 supporters of Proposition 8. And even if that weren’t the case, I’m sure that DOMA would have thrown a wrench into the works.

Well, hey, what about Obamacare?

From what I understand, Obamacare won’t actually do anything until 2014, and at that point, I’ll be required to purchase some sort of plan if I don’t already have one. I expect the options to be a) horridly expensive equivalent of regular coverage, or b) token coverage for those who can afford neither the horrid stuff, nor the $95 tax ding.


I’ve gone without coverage before, and I guess I’ll have to do it again. I’m just glad that I got my bad teeth taken care of before all this happened.

Animated Wind-Up Dentures

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  1. Neither the Husbear nor I have health insurance, as we’re both self-employed. And to dump roughly $300/each per month for similar insurance as to what I had when I was employed by the OGRE (which wasn’t all that great to begin with) is a colossal waste of money as far as we’re concerned. Of course, when something does happen, we’re screwed….
    Erik Rubright recently posted..12 on 12, December 2012

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