12 on 12

Here’s something I haven’t done in quite a while: a 12-on-12.

Today I was enjoying a lunch in Little Italy, a neighborhood near the San Diego Bay, when I remembered the date.


Perfect, I thought. I’ll go check out this season’s crop of Urban Trees. The port had commissioned and installed dozens of public art sculptures along the bay, changing them every year or so.

I headed in the general direction of the bay, stopping to window shop here and there.


But, something interesting was happening this fine afternoon. Something that explained why parking was so darn expensive today.


There was a Veteran’s Day parade which was just winding down. This was literally the third to last float, followed by a clown and a fire engine. When the show was finally over, I continued on my way to the water’s edge.


When I reached it, however, I had a disappointing surprise. There were no longer any Urban Trees!

I sighed with disappointment, and contemplated my options. With several antique ships moored right there on the bay, the Maritime Museum seemed like an interesting (and convenient) destination.

USS Dolphin

As I’d never been aboard the USS Dolphin, I made that my first stop. Launched in 1968, the Dolphin set records for the deepest operational depth, and the deepest torpedo launch. It served as a research vessel until 2007.

Up Periscope

After peering through the Dolphin’s periscope, I boarded the Medea, a steam-powered pleasure craft from the early 1900′s.

The Medea

This smoking salon should give you some idea of the style in which its owners were accustomed to traveling. The Medea still steams around the harbor on special occasions.

My next stop was the B-39 a Cold War era Soviet submarine.


I’m guessing this says something about torpedoes.

Uhh... What he said...

This one… uhh… not so much.

All I need to know is which one means "go."

All I need to know is which one means “GO.”

"We're doomed!" cried the droid.

“Erik’s driving? We’re doomed!”

1-2-3-4! 5, 6-7-8, 9! 10, 11, 12...

And of course, when I saw this control panel, there was only one thing that came to mind:

One-two-three FOUR FIVE, six-seven-eight NINE TEN, eleven, twelve…

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