Happy New Year

It’s now my most favorite of December holidays, New Year’s Eve. Sure, some will say that it’s merely an excuse for drinking. I’ll even agree to that, but what I like about this holiday is that it doesn’t come with the sense of obligations and expectations that Christmas often does.

Even better is the idea that is supposedly being celebrated. We are not here to pay tribute to family members. No, we are here to share a sense of optimism about the coming year. We are here to celebrate that one moment of potentiality, when we can dare to wish and hope that tomorrow really will be better than today.

Victorian Midnight Clock

Happy New Year

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Saw this on the “best of holidailies” list, and was curious. I’ve always considered NYE as a sort of afterthought, but you’ve given me a new perspective. Happy 2012. May your year be full of wonderful surprises.

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