Christmas Tree Disposal

It’s now the 26th of December, and the Main Event of the season is officially over. It’s time to nurse our hangovers, exchange the gifts we didn’t like, and think about disposing of the tarted-up evergreen in the corner of the room. If, like many people, you put up your tree just after Thanksgiving, it probably won’t be green much longer. (In this case, I am of the opinion that the tree ought to be gone by New Year’s Eve.) If, like some people, you put up your tree on Christmas Eve, you technically have twelve more days to enjoy it before it must go. Even then, it’s none too soon to consider its disposal.

You can abandon it at the curb, you can chuck it into a wood chipper, you can even chop it up and set it afire. (Local ordinances permitting, of course.) Or you can give your tree a Viking funeral… and blast it into space!

(Local ordinances most likely do not permit, unfortunately.)

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