Obligatory Thanksgiving Post


A time for sharing the year’s bounty with those we love, those we ought to love, and those we must tolerate because they are loved by the ones in the previous two categories.

A time for expressing gratitude for the generosity of the universe by way of a feast.

A time for dealing a critical hit to one’s diet!

Although the feast is over, my favorite Thanksgiving course is right around the corner. A slice of leftover pie the next morning.

PIE. That is all.

Of course, my least favorite part of Thanksgiving is coming whether I like it or not. No, I’m not talking about the dishwashing duties. I’m talking about the pent-up Christmas mania that’s set to spew across the nation in just a few hours.

Fortunately, that particular brand of madness will only last for another thirty days or so, though I fully expect to see candy hearts popping up even before the New Years’ Ball has even finished dropping.

No… no… no. Warm fuzzies, self! Warm fuzzies. Just think happy thoughts. Think about the pie! Think… about… the pie

Bad Santa


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2 thoughts on “Obligatory Thanksgiving Post”

  1. I hope the pie was delicious. As for the holiday madness, it’s beginning to creep into Summer when stores begin peddling their Christmas wares. There should be a law against it.

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