Cloud Computing

Others have said more and better on the passing of Steve Jobs, and I was planning to leave all the words to them, as I often do.

But I do feel as though I owe him something. You see, the first personal computer that I ever used was an Apple ][. I was in second or third grade. I quickly mastered the "Apple presents Apple" program. Later on, I dazzled my classmates with elaborate Logo programs and breezed through BASIC classes.

The first computer I used with a true GUI was a Mac Plus. It made the nuclear green screen of my Tandy CoCo look as primitive and tawdry as Pac-Man on the Atari 2600. I tried not to be too jealous. Though I wouldn't own one for many years, I would use Macs many more times throughout high school and college, learning writing, desktop publishing, and computer graphics.

To be honest, without Apple Computer, the home computer revolution probably wouldn't have happened as it did. If not for the wild success of the Apple ][, then IBM, Timex-Sinclair, Commodore, Texas Instruments, Atari, and Tandy-Radio Shack might not have been compelled to introduce the machines they did to the market. Some of them would have introduced something regardless, but as to the form that would have taken, who could say? I’d guess more expensive, less user-friendly, and less accessible.

So, Mr. Jobs, thanks for everything.

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