Friday Five

The Friday Five asks… Dreams!

1. Describe a recurring dream you have and what you think it means.
Here’s a recurring theme for your analysis…
  • I step onto an elevator. The doors close. Rather than moving smoothly to the next floor, the chamber bounces violently up and down, and sometimes side to side.
  • I flip the light switch in the bathroom. It is dark. I toggle the switch a few times before realizing that I have made a terrible mistake. The fan roars to bloodthirsty life, detaching from the wall, floating toward me.
  • I am in a multilevel parking garage. I see an old car I used to drive. I suddenly realize that my old car wants to kill me.

… Inanimate objects suddenly hate me. But I work in IT so that’s just kind of a fact of life, really. (Weak chuckle.) But seriously, I assume it’s just some sort of metaphor for anxiety over the uncontrollable aspects of life.

2. What do you like to daydream about?
I’m currently daydreaming about a Halloween costume. An elaborate, cumbersome, and obscure Halloween costume. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have anywhere to wear it to, except possibly to answer the door.
3. What’s your scariest dream you can remember?
What, other than being the designated target of the inexplicable antagonism of elevators, ventilators, and automobiles? Okay, fine. I once dreamed that I lost someone important, and all that I had left was a single voicemail message.
4. What would be a “dream come true” for you?
That someone, someday, will say that I made a difference and improved the world in some modest way. And I would also like to take a nice long vacation.
5. Best dream you’ve ever had:
There was the time that I dreamed that I was driving a giant robot. I could actually feel the seat bobbing and swaying each time the robot stepped forward. Yeah, it was pretty cool. What, you expected me to recount a naughty dream? Too bad. I seem always to wake up from those before they can get anywhere.
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