The Fleeting Weekend

The surge of insanity that was the early part of the summer has, let us hope, crested. Perhaps the tide is even receding. I should hastily add that it could as easily not be receding, for the gods ever love to punish hubris with ironic wrath. Hubris, gloating, or even daring to speak too soon. The ebb could signal a change of tides, or herald a tsunami wave.

Regardless of its permanence, I made the most of the lull.

I saw the STS9 concert on Friday. They are probably one of my favorite groups now, and I was glad to have gone.

On Saturday, I joined an adventuring party for a weekend drive around the county. We headed East on the Interstate for about an hour. Then we reached the village of Ocotillo, and turned north to pass through the Anzo-Borrego Desert. One of the first things I noticed was the strange cacti everywhere.


Of course, the hills and valleys in the desert meant that a different biome was around every corner. Further on, the cacti mostly gave way to a landscape of chaparral and agave. (At least, I think it’s chaparral and agave.)

Anza-Borrego Desert

We followed the Great Overland Stage Route West and into the Cleveland National Forest. The scenery shifted again, to golden waving grassland dotted with trees. Our next destination would have been to visit the observatory at Mount Palomar. Unfortunately, we arrived there just after visiting hours had ended for the day. I’ll have to try again another time. I did get to take this lovely panorama of Lake Henshaw along the way.

Lake Henshaw

Our last stop on the adventure was the Pala Casino. This is probably the most “Vegas-y” of the area’s casinos. I’d have to say their food might well be the best. Nothing tasted as though it had come from an instant mix. It’s just a shame that it’s so far away, or I’d go there more often.

Wait a minute, am I seriously blogging about casino buffets now? When did I turn into an old lady?

Oh, right.

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