Five on the Fifth

It is once again time for Five on the Fifth, a monthly challenge to a challenge to share 5 photographs taken on the days leading up to the 5th of the month. This month, the suggested theme is “My Town.”

There are lots of delightful things to see and do in my town. Most people go to…


The beach, of course. People go there to enjoy the sunshine and ocean waters. But once the sun starts to go down, they naturally start to think about going home.


Speaking of the sun, I just loved the way the sunlight struck this ornate wall, contrasting the decorative sculptural elements against the blue of the sky.


Speaking of decorative sculptural elements, feast your eyes upon this elaborate light fixture. It hangs in the atrium of an office building. I’m not sure how much illumination it actually provides, but it looks impressive.


Not far from there, this fountain sits in Balboa Park among gardens and museums.


One of the nearby museums is the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. It is a museum of science exhibits, much like the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and it also has an IMAX dome theater. The theater also hosts planetarium shows occasionally, and I went to one last night. I was inspired to get out of town and go somewhere where it’s dark at night. Perhaps one of these days…

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8 thoughts on “Five on the Fifth”

  1. Nice pics, Erik. It’s been 14 long years since last we visited San Diego. Greg and I often have said that if we choose to move to Cali-Cal, San Diego would be our top choice of where to live (tied with SF).

  2. Truly lovely amazing photos, the fountain looks so magical, as does the light fitting, but then you had me hooked with the beach one first thing. Great stuff.

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