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I’d like to introduce you to another favorite game of mine. It is a card game, and it’s not exactly new, and I don’t even play it that often, but I do enjoy it. It is called Nanofictionary.

Looney Labs' Nanofictionary

Nanofictionary is inspired by the idea of nanofiction, a story told in 55 words or less. The goal of Nanofictionary is to collect enough Plot Devices to tell the most entertaining story possible. It is less about gameplay and strategy, and more about performance and creativity.

For example, if I were to somehow end up with these cards…

  • PROBLEM: a terrible accident involving food
  • CHARACTER: The Mischevious Children
  • CHARACTER: The Dude who Always Says “Dude”
  • RESOLUTION: They snuck out and went home
  • SETTING: The ice cream parlor
  • CHARACTER: The slightly defective robot

I might tell this story…

One fine day, a pair of mischevious children went to their favorite ice-cream parlor after school. To their considerable surprise, the usual dude behind the counter wasn’t there. Instead, to their delight and wonder, a shiny new robot stood behind the counter.
“Hello,” it booped. “May I TAKE YOUR ORDER?”
“I would like one scoop of chocolate,” said the first child, “and also whatever whatever my friend is having.”
“I’ll have the same thing,” said the second.
Unfortunately, nobody thought to program the robot with a recursion check, so it continued to serve chocolate cone after chocolate cone until the ice cream dude came back later that day, long after the children grew bored and went home.

I could go on and on, but I imagine you get the idea.

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