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A few weeks ago, I was presented with a new board game called Conquest of Planet Earth, which quickly became my new favorite. Players take on the role of opposing (or allied) alien races. The goal? To conquer Earth, of course. You do so by invading map locations and defeating whatever Resistance the Earthlings can muster. This can be anything from An Angry Mob to Super Tanks led by a mad scientist, a spunky female reporter, and the most interesting man in the world. (I don’t always invade Earth, but when I do, I prefer An Angry Mob.)

The board is simple: several interchangeable sections with six slots each. Once you invade a slot, you draw a Location card to determine what sort of resistance is encountered.


The more population each Location has, the more waves of Resistance it can muster, but the more Conquest Points it’s worth. The game ends when one player reaches eight Conquest Points, or an alliance reaches sixteen Conquest Points. The game can also end when the Earthlings gain enough technology points to destroy the aliens.

This game is probably the most fun new board game that I’ve played lately. I highly recommend it.

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