Favorite Moment

The TV Challenge continues…

What is your favorite TV moment?

The first one that springs to mind is the 200th episode of SG1. A TV producer has visited Stargate Command to look for story ideas for Wormhole X-Ttreme, a TV show which depicts adventures suspiciously similar to those of the SG1 team. The show is allowed to do so in order to prevent any information leaks from being taken seriously. Throughout the episode, one member of the team, Vala, periodically takes the producer aside to pitch her own show ideas. Most of these don’t seem that original: retreads of Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, and something a little more obscure…

Vala rips off Farscape.
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Farscape. Two members of the SG1 cast, Claudia Black (who plays Vala) and Ben Browder (Col. Mitchell) both starred on that show. In Vala’s retelling, she takes the role of Aeryn Sun, but the part of John Crichton is now played by her love interest, Daniel Jackson.

And if you can’t understand what’s happening, it’s basically Vala saying, “We’ve got to get out of here,” then Jackson saying that the engine is broken down, then a bunch of swearing.

The funny thing is, Farscape really was like that.

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