The TV Challenge continues.
You need to hire a bodyguard for yourself. Which TV cop do you choose?

I must have hated this question since it took me such a long time to stop procrastinating and post the answers. Maybe I hated the answers? Well, maybe not hate, but I certainly suspected I could have come up with better answers. You tell me. Here are the three finalists:

Number Three: The Judoon, Doctor Who

RO, BO, MO, BO, ZO, BO...

The Judoon serve as a mercenary police force for the Shadow Proclamation, which is apparently the closest thing the Galaxy has to a government. Therefore, if I had one (or more) of these as bodyguard, that might mean I was something like the President of the Galaxy. Hoopy! Unfortunately, they are grumpy and ugly and probably don’t smell very nice, either.

Number Two: Ziva David, NCIS

She asked if you had the calzones for this, yes?

Not only is Agent David currently employed by a non-fictional federal law enforcement agency, she’s also a former Mossad agent. (One who, I think, enjoys tormenting her coworkers with half-correct idioms.) The point is, I’d probably be pretty safe. Probably. Something makes me want to say that the NCIS team doesn’t exactly have a perfect record when it comes to bodyguarding. But what’s a dead witness or two when Drama is at stake?

Number One Michael Westen, Burn Notice

Spend a few years as a covert operative and a sunny beach just looks like a vulnerable tactical position with no decent cover... I've never found a good way to hide a gun in a bathing suit.

Like Agent David, Michael Westen is also a former intelligence agent. Unlike Agent David, Michael Westen is currently unemployed (or self-employed, depending on your point of view.) Westen is now pretty much a bodyguard for hire, helping those in need by judiciously demonstrating his espionage and demolition skills to the viewers. Unfortunately, his style of protection can range anywhere from being instructed to “Just stay in here and be quiet,” to “Go over there and taunt the man who wants to kill you.”

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