Lately, it seems as though life has been dominated by the mundanity of the daily.


I totally spaced out on Five on the Fifth this month. I took a few pictures at the Air and Space Museum in preparation, but they didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. This one was all right. Here is an old style pressure suit illuminated by the light of Jupiter, or at least an artist’s conception of Jupiter as displayed on a spherical projector.

space suit

A favorite photographic subject of mine has been the Port of San Diego’s “Urban Trees” installation. The Port commissions sculptors to create artwork to be displayed on the waterfront along Harbor Drive.


The trick is to catch each one at just the right time of day, and from the right angle.


Framing a shot is often difficult. The waterfront is full of folks walking abreast who’d sooner step on you than step around. And let’s not forget the pedicabs, who seem to take offense at, or at least suffer great annoyance from, any pedestrians who dare venture onto the sidewalk.


Of course, once you get away from the cruise terminals and the maritime museum, the tourist crowds thin out and one can take one’s time with the camera.

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