Best Line

The TV Challenge continues.

Can you remember a line you liked from a “Classic” TV show?

Ooh, tough choice.

There is a bit of dialogue that’s been seared into my brain since 1980, but it’s not from a TV show. It’s from a Mr. Coffee commercial. Mr. Coffee had a newfangled timer that would wake you with the aroma of mountain grown Folgers. A far more pleasant awakening than the honk of your flip-number clock, to be sure. Just make sure you tell your spouse, or a good old-fashioned early-morning domestic disturbance could result.

“I’m making coffee!”
“No, you’re sleeping.”
“I’m making coffee!
No, you’re sleeping.

Mysteriously, I could not find a clip of this commercial. What the ding dong, Internet? I thought you obsessively collected and catalogued everything, especially the useless stuff!

As for the best/most memorable line from a classic TV show, would there be any surprise if I were to tell you that it will continue the Star Trek theme of the past few days? No, I did not think so.

The line is…

He’s dead, Jim!

(I’d personally have stopped the montage after the brain remark. But I suppose I can forgive the missing Mr. Coffee commercial now.)

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