A Flip-Flop Profession

The question has been posed: If you had to choose a new profession — and it had to be one where you wore shorts, t-shirts and flip flops to do — what would you pick?

Trite Tee Shirt   Shorty Shorts   We Used To Call Them Thongs

Tour guide
Leading a short walking tour might be a fun change of pace. It would be a way to get some excercise, and maybe spend some time outdoors. However, I can easily imagine myself becoming bored with repeating the same spiel over and over. It would probably end up a sounding bit like the Disney Jungle Cruise. Then I’d be fired.
Marine Biologist
For a time, when I was in grade school, I wanted to become a marine biologist. I was much enamoured of sea life in general, but particularly the vividly colored lifeforms of the coral reef. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to spend all day studying them on a boat in the tropics? I don’t quite remember why I dismissed this idea. It was probably a “realistic” comment by made “helpfully” by an “adult.”
Archaeologist or Paleontologist
I may not know enough about history to become an archaeologist, or enough about prehistoric biology to become a paleontologist. However, I assure you that I can dig through the dirt in as meticulous of a manner as you please. I can document and catalog with the best of them. Schmoozing for grant money may not be my strong suit, but fortunately that would probably be the head scientist’s job.
I’ve experienced the telecommuting lifestyle on a few occasions. I must say that it was a nice experience to simply get up, fix some coffee, walk into the other room, and get to work exactly on time. With all of the neighbors away at work and school, the environment was amazingly quiet and peaceful, offering the ideal enviroment for me to concentrate on and successfully solve the challenges of the day.
Like the telecommuter, but better! No boss, except for the creative process. Of course, I imagine that there’d also be my editor, agent and patrons to please. Not to mention all the conventions, fans, and social media to interact with. And a nervous partner continually demanding to know when all these supposed royalty checks and commission payments are going to come in. Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t really be all that much better than telecommuting. But it would still be a lot better than…
Rejected Jobs:
  • Lifeguard.
  • Coach.
  • Undercover security at Disneyland.
  • CIA agent posing as tourist.
  • The Boss at a laid-back technology company.

Do you see what all of these rejected jobs have in common? Yelling at people or otherwise bossing them around, occasionally having to tackle or drag people around, having the responsibility to save lives, preserve order, prevent war, make money, or win games.

No thanks, I’d rather count fish, photograph potsherds, or deal with writer’s block.

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3 thoughts on “A Flip-Flop Profession”

  1. Artist/Writer — definitely. As for Telecommuter, I don’t know that you’d actually even need to get out of bed for that one, unless you need to Skype a meeting or two.

  2. I think I would like to try Telecommuting. But I have no idea what profession. On casual Fridays some other teachers wear shorts. I do wear t-shirts. And occasionally I wear flip flops. So, I guess I’m going to change my answer to say I would keep my current gig. Especially when I don’t have to work or take classes all summer.

    Kwizgiver recently posted..celebrate from afar

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