Thing #17

My latest thing is a bit of code. A trivial bit of code, really, but it was something I’ve had an itch to do for a while now. I wrote a new script to pull my latest reviews from StumbleUpon and reformat them into a nice definition list, so that I can easily repost them here every once in a while.

Blah blah blah doot doot beep bip bork bork

You can get a better look at the code here, if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s not much to it. The SimpleXML extension is used to retrieve and parse the “Latest Comments and Reviews” feed, then the title, URL, and description of each item is printed out surrounded by the proper formatting. The output looks something like this:

Make: Online & Shelf Pod is Both Bibliophines and Cat's Dream House


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Mass production of robots is almost here. : Ross-Hime Designs, Inc : Technology and Patents

Number Five!

The Nightmare After Christmas & The Electronic Replicant

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